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Let It Snow

Let it Snow Plugin for Monstra CMS

After installation you can configure this plugin through admin panel.

Available options:

  • Snow Color - Set your snow color. e.g. white, red, blue, etc...

  • Flakes max active - Sets the limit of "falling" snowflakes (eg. moving on the screen, thus considered to be active.)

  • Twinkle Effect - Allow snow to randomly "flicker" in and out of view while falling.

  • Follow Mouse - Allows snow to move dynamically with the "wind", relative to the mouse's X (left/right) coordinates.

  • Snow Stick - Allows the snow to "stick" to the bottom of the window. When off(false), snow will never sit at the bottom.

  • Freeze on blur - Stops the snow effect when the browser window goes out of focus, eg., user is in another tab. Saves CPU, nicer to user.

  • Flakes Max - Sets the maximum number of snowflakes that can exist on the screen at any given time.

  • Target Element - An HTML element which snow will be appended to (default: document body.) Can be an element ID string eg. 'myDiv'.

  • Position Fixed - If enabled(true), snow not affected by window scroll. May increase CPU load, disabled(false) by default.

Download: letitsnow.zip
GitHub: https://github.com/Awilum/monstra-cms-letitsnow

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Re: Let it Snow

how to use it?
i installed it but its not working i cant see any effect on my page


Re: Let it Snow


I belive that the plugin is not working or deppends on the browser we use in order to work, maybe it was made for a older version of Monstra. But sure is not for 3.0.1, anyone tested on 3.0.1 yet? I did and the result was the same...

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