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Topic: Monstra TM 001(RA)

Fresh and clean theme for our favorite engine "Monstra"!

I'm going to make series of TM's every time when i have time.
Will be added more and more nice designed themes for our monstra!!!

LINK UPDATED TO Verision 0.1 !!!

.blocks .css .php .png .jpg .google font


p/s if u got any problem we will find out how to fix it, because its my first time i made theme for this engine.

Thanks everyone, enjoy smile

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Re: Monstra TM 001(RA)

Good Theme )

Monstra Loves You! Give some love back!

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Re: Monstra TM 001(RA)

MY FIRST POST IS UPDATED WITH NEW ARCHIVE if u dont want to update u can just replace all files!

Thanks guys, but we found few bugs which i completely fixed... download plz again and also ready the "Read me file" its really helpful!

special thanks to Awilum who explanes many things abt themes for Monstra.

There are things i was working on:
notice: all changes are very important u must update it!!!!!!

1. changed style.css and also css link
( replace "themes/tm001/header.chunk.php" and "themes/tm001/css/style.css")

2. added new templates for user section
( add to folder public/themes/tm001/ following files:"user_header.chunk.php, user_footer.chunk.php, user.template.php" )

3. redesign user panel / registration etc related to users
( replace all files in folder "plugins/box/users/views/frontend " )

4. changed code in "plugins/box/users/users.plugin.php" added speacial template!
( replace "users.plugin.php" )

5. changed code in "plugins/box/sitemap/sitemap.plugin.php" and "plugins/box/sitemap/views/frontend/index.view.php" added speacial template!
( replace "sitemap.plugin.php" and "index.view.php")

6. changed block/tm001-slider
( replace "storage/blocks/tm001-slider.block.html" )


p/s if u want psd files of logo and slider i can upload it but link will be sent only by PM! Bc its only for FORUM MEMBERS who has at least 5 messages!

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Re: Monstra TM 001(RA)

I have a question. Im interesting in - how to delete ''our resent tweets" ? Please help me!
How to delete "Welcome to site name"? Its in header chunk. Help me please!
Second question is ok -

<h1 class="welcome nobottommargin">Welcome to <a class="link" href="<?php echo Site::url(); ?>"><?php echo Site::name(); ?></a></h1>.

Sorry, but a have a question again. This theme is flexible? How can I put my header image at the top of the theme?

Re: Monstra TM 001(RA)

how to remove twitter ?

      <!-- TWITTER -->
      <div class="one separator"></div>
        <div class="one notopmargin tweet">
            <div class="one-fourth notopmargin">
                <div class="small-round-icon-gray left">
                    <div class="icon-gray-small icon99-gray"><a href="#"><img src="public/themes/tm001/images/1px.png" alt="" width="24px" height="24px" /></a></div>
                <h4 class="left">Our Recent tweets</h4>
            <div class="three-fourth notopmargin last">
            <?php echo Block::get('tm001-tweets'); ?>
        <!-- END TWITTER -->
        <div class="one separator notopmargin"></div>

delete this code in footer.chunk.php

This theme is flexible?

no its not.

header image

u can open tm001-slider in admin panel, section "blocks", and put ur image there u will have ur picture instead of mine on the center it should be in .png like a text, but if u want to remove that black background under the text PURE LIKE MONSTRA so change then public/themes/tm001/images/gallery/stat-bg.jpg this image .

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Re: Monstra TM 001(RA)


Thanks for a great looking theme !

Eventhough i installed everything according to the instructions, it looks like something is wrong the css files as its not being displayed correctly.

Please have a look to see what needs to be done to make it look correct.




Re: Monstra TM 001(RA)

This theme does not work on monstra 3.0.0 need to fix a lot, will do when i get free time

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