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Re: [Editor] Summernote

wormsunited could You prepare core English version for it? it is no problem for me to translate it into Polish.

And oh... we forgot about the second stage issue with the summernote. What about fixing the css, did anyone fixed it already? if so, how, and what to edit?


Re: [Editor] Summernote


Hi there, it seems you have the file for english as a default value i did downloaded and found the file with the language settings located on: summernote>src>js>summernote.js.

Here is the code:

$.summernote = $.summernote || {};
  $.extend($.summernote, {
    version: '@VERSION',
    lang: {
      'en-US': {
        font: {
          bold: 'Bold',
          italic: 'Italic',
          underline: 'Underline',
          strike: 'Strike',
          clear: 'Remove Font Style',
          height: 'Line Height',
          size: 'Font Size'
        image: {
          image: 'Picture',
          insert: 'Insert Image',
          resizeFull: 'Resize Full',
          resizeHalf: 'Resize Half',
          resizeQuarter: 'Resize Quarter',
          floatLeft: 'Float Left',
          floatRight: 'Float Right',
          floatNone: 'Float None',
          dragImageHere: 'Drag an image here',
          selectFromFiles: 'Select from files',
          url: 'Image URL'
        link: {
          link: 'Link',
          insert: 'Insert Link',
          unlink: 'Unlink',
          edit: 'Edit',
          textToDisplay: 'Text to display',
          url: 'To what URL should this link go?'
        video: {
          video: 'Video',
          videoLink: 'Video Link',
          insert: 'Insert Video',
          url: 'Video URL?',
          providers: '(YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, or DailyMotion)'
        table: {
          table: 'Table'
        hr: {
          insert: 'Insert Horizontal Rule'
        style: {
          style: 'Style',
          normal: 'Normal',
          blockquote: 'Quote',
          pre: 'Code',
          h1: 'Header 1',
          h2: 'Header 2',
          h3: 'Header 3',
          h4: 'Header 4',
          h5: 'Header 5',
          h6: 'Header 6'
        lists: {
          unordered: 'Unordered list',
          ordered: 'Ordered list'
        options: {
          help: 'Help',
          fullscreen: 'Full Screen',
          codeview: 'Code View'
        paragraph: {
          paragraph: 'Paragraph',
          outdent: 'Outdent',
          indent: 'Indent',
          left: 'Align left',
          center: 'Align center',
          right: 'Align right',
          justify: 'Justify full'
        color: {
          recent: 'Recent Color',
          more: 'More Color',
          background: 'BackColor',
          foreground: 'FontColor',
          transparent: 'Transparent',
          setTransparent: 'Set transparent',
          reset: 'Reset',
          resetToDefault: 'Reset to default'
        shortcut: {
          shortcuts: 'Keyboard shortcuts',
          close: 'Close',
          textFormatting: 'Text formatting',
          action: 'Action',
          paragraphFormatting: 'Paragraph formatting',
          documentStyle: 'Document Style'
        history: {
          undo: 'Undo',
          redo: 'Redo'

Also, the css is there too, well for me this is a very strange plugin and have a few bugs on tags.... But  if it works for you good!


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Re: [Editor] Summernote

I think I edited those settings and they gave me no changes... but I will look into it once again. I noticed that Monstra is not showing any language changes made until You uninstall and install a plugin. It's like this procedure is refreshing the language or something.

Anyway thank You for the help. You're a true friend wormsunited


Re: [Editor] Summernote

just installed plugin.. it does not work with m3.0.3

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Re: [Editor] Summernote

unborn wrote:

just installed plugin.. it does not work with m3.0.3

look here http://forum.monstra.org/post/2740/#p2740

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