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Topic: Comments Plugin for Morfy CMS

I’m trying to be out of the box and now I’m creating comment feature for static website.


Basic Installation

Download the plugin here, put the comments folder with its contents in plugins folder. Update your config.php file:

    return array(
        'plugins' => array(
            'admin', // <= Recommended to be installed
            'comments' // <= Activation
        'comments_config' => array(
            // Available in `configuration.txt`

Updating the Template File

Put this snippet in your blog_post.html

<section class="comments">
    <?php Morfy::factory()->runAction('comments'); ?>


The admin plugin is not required, but if you already have it installed in your theme, then you will get some advantages such as having your own admin class in comment.

Testing comment and more details can be done and found in my blog post → hxxp://latitudu. com/notes/morfy-cms/plugins/comments-plugin

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Re: Comments Plugin for Morfy CMS

nice brother. now it is time to continue my theme big_smile

I'm not like them but I can pretend.

Re: Comments Plugin for Morfy CMS

You can get the plugin to work with the monsta?

Re: Comments Plugin for Morfy CMS

Possible but it will no available in dashboard for editing, deleting etc. But I'm not a Monstra user.

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