The official repository doesn't exists anymore, so... It has been moved to this:

If so, all my work in progress goes down ):


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RomanArt wrote:

i think i understand what u ar talking about, hope to see it soon smile

You will! :-)


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RomanArt wrote:

Did you mean this ? smile

No. Did you read what I said? It's an improvement at the theme installation step. How it will affect the end-user? It wont! How it will affect theme designers? You will be recognized and credited for your work by showing some theme informations at the themes section in admin area and a little footer credits ("Theme by John Doe").


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Just to let the community know, I'm currently working in a revolutionary way to improve the theming system, to make it UNIQUE, by using JSON files to hold the theme informations such as the author name, URI, theme name, version and many more. I'll be able to show on the next few days (maximum of one week). Thanks for everyone who supported me to doing this and this topic will be edited soon as I finish the improvement.

Regards, Miranda.

EDIT: Can any mod move this topic to the right section? Sorry about this. sad


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There's an update available for my translation. I've fixed some mistakes and changed some lines.

Commit: … 9432aece5c

Repo: (Same) … Brazilian/


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Thanks for that, i really appreciate! big_smile


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Hi! smile

I would like to know if i can use some monstra helpers into a framework that i'm creating, can i?

I'll put a link back with special thanks to and the helper author in the phpDoc comments, but of curse, i'm gonna use those helpers only if i'm allowed. Monstra helpers are so f*cking awesome, i love it!

Thanks before everything. big_smile


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Awilum wrote:

>>Portuguese Brazilian Language requires the ISO-8859-1
UTF 8 - no ?

If you use the htmlentities($string, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8'); also work without the ISO-8859-1 on the <meta> tag, try it.

Edit: When the new version will be released?


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Awilum wrote:

Miranda, Thanks. Your translations will be included in next version of Monstra.

Thanks for support!

As you probably know, the Portuguese Brazilian Language requires the ISO-8859-1 document charset for properly accents display...


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Portuguese Brazilian translation added today (2012 october, 20).

Translation for 2.0.1: … -Brazilian


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Awilum wrote:

Yes you can

Where can i edit the translation files?


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Awilum wrote:

@Miranda as you don't know Russian Language. You know Portuguese Brazilian ? Than You can provide Portuguese Brazilian translation to Monstra Community.

Yes sir, i'm a brazilian php programmer and i would like to help you with the Portuguese Brazilian translation! Can i?


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@Awilum, why?


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You have me to translate it to Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR)! It's an awesome project and i really want to be part of this project! smile