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Yes , fore more sure i install several times ! i checked other language  , they were fine but Persian has issue , i don't know why ... could you test it ?


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Here it is : https://hostr.co/fSBiEYfHygAA

but i have some problem in translation , i don't know why !

some string i translated into Persian but they are still in English !  like Log in , Log out , View Site ... !!


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Thank you Awilum ,
i 'll check everything and ready them for your next release smile


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Oops! are there any other files to translate ?
let me know , i translate them ASAP

5 2014-05-12 20:15:15

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Hello everyone,

New Persian Language for Monstra 2.4




Re: some issue with Persian language (2 replies, posted in Questions)

New Persian language file


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7 2013-03-26 14:20:25

Topic: some issue with Persian language (2 replies, posted in Questions)


i have some issue with new version , i checked Persian translation line by line and compare with English language , but some words still are in English  .
such as : Log in/Log out button , Site View ,
in admin menu /content
**/ files ( upload and empty )
**/ menu ( default )

**/Theme ( Site Theme  and Current Site Theme: default )

**/Setting ( Email label above the mail field )
**/backup ( Backup above backup table )


Also is it nice to use RTL css too , and if possible Jalali date

Best regards ,

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8 2013-03-26 08:31:30

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wow thanks , you include Persian language :-) i appreciate

but this is not completely translated ! i think in new version there are some changes


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i think the url is wrong , could you check it


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I made Persian(farsi) language for Monstra .
Here you are :  http://www.sharebeast.com/wodfe4vuhuhc