Greetings again,

Its on localhost (Ubuntu Debian Distro) and not hosting.
Strange thing is that its non concurrent bug meaning the bug can not be reproduced, just
sporadic appears - " Aw, snap! An error has occurred while processing your request " from time to time in both frontend and backend.

And I just tested again and now I get "Aw, snap! An error has occurred while processing your request " on each request.
However changing the comment "#" to ";" in ming.conf seems to solve the problem.

# configuration for php MING module


; configuration for php MING module

Now I can see problem if using shared hosting...edit conf files is impossible sad

Awilum wrote:

Please check /tmp/logs/

Greetings mastah!

Logs shows me this -

ErrorException: Unknown Error: Comments starting with '#' are deprecated in /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/ming.ini on line 1 in Unknown at line 0

Seems like # is the problem....will change to ; and see if it helps!

Whats with the monstra 2.2.0 version? Hickups?
I am getting this error message from time to time - both frontend and backend.



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Hmmm...first I dont think its good to have block elements inside inline eg. <a><li></li></a> smile
Second try to add css rule to <a>

display: inline-block;

  and add some padding..or

dipslay: block;

Hope it helped since I pretty new to CSS. If not let me know I and will try to understand what you are tryng to achive.
Tested it and it works even with text indented...



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SnaikBG wrote:

RedStar i am using monstra 2.1.3 with the contact plugin and just tested it, and it works fine i am using the short code. You should try to delete the plugin and install a fresh copy but its probably something from your side ?

Dante wrote:

The problem on the server mailer.Try using the monstra 2.2.0 beta.

It was a local problem and I tested on remote host and it worked fine. Maybe it was an ubuntu update that broke things?
Thanks for the replies!
*I bow*


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Is it just me but I think the contact plugin is broken with Monstra version 2.1.3?
I made a New clean install of monstra 2.1.3.
Installed contact plugin and tried to post message...does not work. I always get "Letter was not send" even though all fields filled in
and correct captcha is provided.

Bug in captcha plugin?


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Awilum I will sponsor your project no worries. smile

Btw I just found out that I used wrong version of monstra and trying to get the menus to


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antiben wrote:

this small 'Page::available()' func. (nor the org. template below) doesn't use the page fields: 'status' and 'access'

you may have to add some mods...
for instance the template at plugins/box/pages/views/frontend/available_pages.view.php

  foreach ($pages as $page) {
    if ($page['status'] == 'published') {
    <li><a href="<?php echo $page['parent'].'/'.$page['slug']; ?>"><?php echo $page['title']; ?></a></li>

Antiben you are a Monstar! smile
Sorry for my late reply but I have kids and only time I can get some peace and quiet is during Dracula hours.
Does this mean there is a bug in code since by default drafted pages are displayed? Maybe need to report...
Problem now is when entering a subpage the menu disapears sad
Does your snippet solve this ?
Once again a big thank you!

Awilum how did you make the Parent/child menus on or maybe a secret ??? smile


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antiben wrote:

looking through the page.plugin code...

echo Page::available();

is this the one you want??
but as i understood, it's without sorting at the time...

anyway, have a look here

Yes that is exactly what I was looking for. A big thanks for help! But only problem I see is that all child pages are displayed
even though some child pages has status = draft.
Do you have an idea how to fix this?

Once again a big thank you!

Think to be able to use monstra to its fully potential you need to be able to know some php, a skill that I moment in time


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Hmmm....which leads to my next question...
What if you have 10 parents? This code works only for 1 parent. So my guess is we need some conditional statements like if/else or Switch/case?
So my idea is to add a snippet inside template

<?php echo Snippet::get('submenus'); ?>

and then
add conditional code inside the snippet.
Am I thinking correct?

Are there any code example on this?


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Nakome you are the man!
Thank you!


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Greetings again,

Was  a while since I last visited the forum. I am trying to figure out how to display a second menu inside a parent page.
For example lets take this page -

About is parent to children -
    Logos and Graphics

But what if I have like 20 children pages...must be a simple way of using some php magic to create the menu dynamically?
I tried

<?php $pages = Page::children('page'); ?>
<?php foreach($pages as $page) { ?>
    <a href="<?php echo Site::url().'myparentpage/'.$page['slug']; ?>"><?php echo $page['title']; ?></a>
<?php } ?>

but it doesn't work...why?


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Awilum wrote:
    Plugin::register( __FILE__,                    
                    __('Users', 'users'),
                    __('Users manager', 'users'),  

instead of

    Plugin::register( __FILE__,                    
                    __('Users', 'users'),
                    __('Users manager', 'users'),  

In next update would be ability to turn off frontend user registration.

Maybe split updates with fixes and features?

yes, I will look at this issue

I was on my way to post a new topic but you allready have answered my questions long time ago. A big thank you mastah!
Btw instead of writing "null" ok to leave blank since when writing "null" it will display "null" link in sitemap...?

Have started to learn PHP but its a steep mountain to climb in the begging but I am getting there....I think *gulp*


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Fast and pretty good! (Have an account through a reseller)


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Nice and thank you!
Btw found this Kickstrap
However its still Alpha but looks good.


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Awilum wrote:

Contact 1.0.4
+ Captcha added
+ Translates updated.


Btw I dont know if this is a bug or I am having problems locally but No matter what the words wont change for

I have tried changing to russian language but still no translation. Using latest monstra with latest contact plugin.
Can someone verify this?
Past 2 hours I have pull may hair out trying to understand where things are wrong.
Think I found the problem in plugings/contact/views/form_view.php
Strange no body else has said something lol
Should be

'Name', 'contact'

and so on....i think smile


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Having an embarrassing problem. How do I add a new language pack to monstra so that it becomes available in dropdown in admin?
Is this done automatic by monstra? (checking for *.lang.php in the language directories?)

I have added some language files but I can not select in admin dropdown.....:(


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Awilum wrote:

RedStar, You can see administrator here on this forum, too)

Maybe I did not make myself clear or maybe my concerns are unprofounded.
What I ment was that the login name is public for the administrators and all users.
Security wise it's maybe not the best option to have it published to the public, but instead use "display name"? I am maybe wrong......

And one other question (maybe I should make a new thread under a different subject?)
What if I just want to update monstra to just get the seciurity fixes and not all the new features such as "multi user" system?
How do I do that and is it possible at all?

Maybe split updates with fixes and features?

Think I need to start learn PHP smile


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Awilum wrote:

Monstra 1.3.1 - Important bugs fixes.
Download: Monstra 1.3.1

Greetings and thank you for this update.
I have one concern regarding the use of administrator username on page /monstra/users.
What's the point of giving away the administrator login name to the public?


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Awilum wrote:


Contact plugin for Monstra!


Shordcode for content

{contact recipient=""}

Code for templates

<?php Contact::display(''); ?>


First thanks for this plugin!:)

I don't know about you guys but wouldn't captcha be something that should be by default to avoid spammers mailbombing your inbox?
I am trying to add this feature with help with the captcha helper but I can not figure out how to sad

Third how can I add the SITE_URL(Domainname) to be present in the body or even better in the $subject?
Problem is that if you are running 10 sites with monstra and use this plugin there is no way telling from what site the message was posted.

Cheers to all!


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Got it to work but there are bugs especially when window is narrow the header "pops"/jumps down. Think you have the same issue on your site!
Second to get this to work you have to have the jquery plugin installed...
Third the author has a capital "B" in the Bootstrap folder but small caps in code....which obvious does not work in nix systems....



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I am having problems with this template. sad Diid you manage to get the menu in header to work when window is small?
Also <?php Javascript::load(); ?> loads js from where? assets folder under public or js folder under bootstrip folder?

I was acctually trying to port this theme and release it here but you made it first.

Cheers and thanks!

Thank you very much!

I have created a floated sidebar which is "hardcoded" inside index template and it works great. However I do not want this sidebar
when viewing Sitemap page and I can not figure it out how to use other index template......

I tried to add a page called "sitemap" (slug)  in admin and then use other index template but page still uses default index template
and not the "cloned" one without sidebar html code....


Hope I have made myself clear.....I am tired smile


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Inside index.template.php you have this......

<?php Action::run('theme_pre_content'); ?>
                <?php echo Site::content(); ?>
                <?php Action::run('theme_post_content'); ?>

But what does theme_pre_content and theme_post_content do? Right now they are empty doing nothing...ideas?