Site Module

Outputs site name

<?php echo Site::name(); ?>

Outputs site theme

<?php echo Site::theme(); ?>

Outputs site title

<?php echo Site::title(); ?>

Outputs site description

<?php echo Site::description(); ?>

Outputs site keywords

<?php echo Site::keywords(); ?>

Outputs site slogan

<?php echo Site::slogan(); ?>

Outputs site content

<?php echo Site::content(); ?>

Outputs site url

<?php echo Site::url(); ?>

Outputs copyright information

<?php echo Site::powered(); ?>

Pages plugin

Outputs date of current page

<?php echo Page::date(); ?>

Outputs author of current page

<?php echo Page::author(); ?>

Outputs the available pages

<?php echo Page::available(); ?>

Outputs page breadcrumbs

<?php echo Page::breadcrumbs(); ?>

Outputs page url

<?php echo Page::url(); ?>

Outputs page slug

<?php echo Page::slug(); ?>

Outputs page meta robots

<?php echo Page::robots(); ?>

Get children pages for a specific parent page

<?php $pages = Page::children('page'); ?>
<?php foreach($pages as $page) { ?>
    <a href="<?php echo Site::url().'about/'.$page['slug']; ?>"><?php echo $page['title']; ?></a>
<?php } ?>

Menu plugin

Outputs menu

<?php echo Menu::get(); ?>
<?php echo Menu::get('category_name'); ?>

Blocks plugin

Outputs block

<?php echo Block::get('block_name'); ?>

Snippets plugin

Outputs snippet

<?php echo Snippet::get('snippet_name'); ?>

Outputs snippet with parameters

<?php echo Snippet::get('snippet_name', array('message' => 'Hello World')); ?>