The support of environments helps Monstra to make decisions based on the environment setting.

Environments list

Monstra has four predefined environments.

Monstra::DEVELOPMENT The development environment.

Monstra::TESTING The test environment.

Monstra::STAGING The staging environment.

Monstra::PRODUCTION The production environment.

Set Your Environment

Setting your environment is done by setting the Monstra::$environment in /engine/_init.php

Environments and Config

Based on the environment the Monstra is set to, the Monstra Core class looks for environment-specific defines and preloaded actions, filters, shortcodes. The Monstra Core class will look for the same file name in a directory that's named after the current environment.

Here is an example to illustrate this:

  ├── development/
  │   ├── defines.php
  └── production/
      └── defines.php