After using BitBucket Mercurial for years, I have decided to move on and host Monstra code on
Main reason was that GitHub provides an impressive set of features designed to make the development process more collaborative and more productive.

Monstra new repository: (Monstra old repository)

Contribute via GitHub.

Submitting bug fixes and enhancements is easy:

  1. Log in to GitHub

  2. Fork the Monstra Repository

    • Click "Fork" and you'll have your very own copy of the Monstra source code at{your-username}/monstra-cms

  3. Edit files within your fork. This can be done directly on at{your-username}/monstra-cms

  4. Submit a Pull Request (tell Monstra about your changes)

    • Click "Pull Prequest"
    • Enter a Message that will go with your commit to be reviewed by core committers
    • Click "Send Pull Request"

P.S. Many thanks to BitBucket for the years of service!