Hello Everyone :)

Monstra CMS 2.4.0 Beta is now available for beta testing :)

Monstra 2.4.0 Beta Screenshots

Here is a list of major changes in 2.4.0:

  • Mobile Ready! Monstra fully responsive for mobile devices, tablets, and normal computer screens.
  • Twitter Bootstrap updated to 3.1.1
  • Idiorm updated to 1.4.1
  • jQuery updated to 2.1.0
  • Admin: New Modern User Interface
  • Site: New default theme
  • Layout fixes according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards
  • Prefetch DNS to reduce look up times
  • Files Manager: added ability to create & rename directories.
  • Files Manager: Maximum upload file size message - added.
  • Files Manager: Bootstrap fileinput.js updated to 3.0.0
  • Files Manager: File Info Popup
  • Backup: Restore Site from Backup added
  • Plugins Manager: Uploading new plugins via the admin panel added
  • Plugins Manager: Read plugin help(README.MD) ability added.
  • Responsive Chocolat Lightbox instead of TB Lightbox
  • Blog Plugin as a part of Monstra CMS
  • CodeMirror Plugin as a part of Monstra CMS
  • Markdown Plugin as a part of Monstra CMS
  • MarkItUp Color Pallete fixes
  • Site Url without trailing slashes
  • Admin Help Section - added.
  • Pages Plugin: tags field added.
  • Pages Plugin: Meta Title added.
  • Sitemap Errors Fixes.
  • Monstra automatically renames files - fixed
  • Monstra Dashboard created and set as default Plugin for Admin Panel
  • Ink Framework for Monstra Email Templates
  • iCheck plugin for checkboxes added.
  • Emails Manager Plugin added.
  • HubSpot Messaging Library added for notifications
  • Gelato: Unzip Functionality added.
  • Gelato: Number Class new method convertToBytes() added.
  • Gelato: ErroHandler styles updates
  • Users Plugin getGravatarURL() improve
  • Plugin API - Actions - Closure support added.
  • Plugin API - Filters - Closure support added.
  • Core: Better statuses notification (error,success,warning)
  • Core: Store user_email in Session
  • Core: Javascript may be broken if there is no break line - fixed
  • Core: Added ability to avoid caching JS/CSS by the browser.
  • Core: Monstra automatically rename files Issue - fixed
  • Sandbox Plugin cleanup
  • New Flags: Japanese(JA), Indonesian(ID), Chinese(ZH-CN), Turkish(TR) added.
  • Localization: Japanese(JA), Indonesian(ID), Chinese(ZH-CN), Turkish(TR) translations added.
  • Localization: Major Fixes

Report any bugs you find via GitHub or Monstra Forum.

Known Issues:

  • Tablet and Smartphones support must be rechecked and improved
  • Monstra Dashboard Google Analytics statistic hided for now. Maybe for next release.
  • There is no possibility to update old Mostra to new Monstra 2.4.0. We will think on this issue.
Remember, this is a beta release for beta testing, is not considered stable and should not be used for live web sites!

Download: monstra-2.4.0.beta.zip

Planned release date: April 20